Frequently Asked Questions

Candidate do not pay anything at all for our service. Clients pay fees either as a margin within the charge rate for temporary staff or as an introductory fee for permanent recruitment services. On both temporary and permanent work there is a money back guarantee to make sure that the client is happy with the person provided. One of our consultants will happly explain the fees or guarantee further if you would like them to.

You will get paid on a weekly basis. Each week, you will complete a timesheet which the client will sign to confirm your hours. You will get that back to us on the Monday and we will process the payroll, sending you a fully broken down payslip on the Wednesday and the money will be in your Bank account on the Friday morning.

Of course, that is the flexibility of temporary work. We do request that clients pay a minimum of four hours so that it is worth it for the member of temporary staff.

Legally within your contract there is no notice to be provided on either side. That said we encourage our clients and candidates to provide each other at least a weeks notice where they can out of mutual respect unless there are other agreements made at the start or during the assignment.

All candidates will undergo a face to face interview so that a consultant understands their experience and aspirations. Where relevant, we use a sophisticated testing software to administer assessments to make sure that the candidate has the skills required for the role. For temporary staff, we will take references from previous employers wherever possible so that we can best represent them to the client and so that the client knows that they can do the work required.